David L. Blank, ESQ

David Blank is a partner in the law firm of Schwartz Simon Edelstein & Celso, LLC, in Whippany, New Jersey where he oversees the firm’s procurement and construction practices. In this role, David works with the firm’s public clients in complying with the procurement and purchasing laws of New Jersey. This may entail drafting bid documents for all types of goods, services and construction projects, as well as the negotiation and drafting of contracts with vendors for various goods and services, and with contractors and developers for construction projects, renewable energy projects and professional services. David also assists the firm’s clients with contracting disputes, including defaulting vendors, defaulting contracts and their surety companies.

Over the past several years, David has devoted a significant portion of his practice to helping public and private entities with their energy savings and renewable energy projects. He has been lead attorney for public and private entities on photovoltaic projects that have been financed through power purchase agreements and bond issuances. David has successfully drafted requests for proposals and bid documents for solar project and contracted for the engineering, procurement and construction of said projects via power purchase agreements or other contractual arrangements. The projects David has worked on are estimated to save his firm’s clients millions of dollars over the life of the projects.

David received his BA in History, with honors, from Washington University, in St. Louis, and his Juris Doctor from The University of Pennsylvania Law School.